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for the James Webb Space Telescope


Key to getting the NIRCam for JWST built are our government and corporate partners who will build the hardware and write the software for operating NIRCam.

Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto, CA, was responsible for producing most of instrument and for carrying out the integration and test phases for NIRCam.

The JWST Project Office at Goddard Space Flight Center is responsible for the Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) that mounts NIRCam at the telescope focal plane. Goddard is also responsible for overall management of the JWST Project.

The Space Telescope Science Institute will develop the operations software, the data pipeline, and the data archive for NIRCam and the other JWST instruments.

Teledyne Imaging Sensors in Camarillo, CA built NIRCam's HgCdTe detector arrays.