NIRCam Papers from the August, 2005, SPIE Meeting

All papers are in pdf format.

5904-01 Overview of James Webb Space Telescope and NIRCam's Role
          Marcia J. Rieke, Douglas Kelly, and Scott Horner
5904-02 NIRCam Systems Engineering: The Recipe
          Bruce Steakley
5904-03 NIRCam Instrument Overview
          Larry G. Burriesci

5904-04 NIRCam Instrument Optics 
          Lynn Huff
5904-05 NIRCam Optical Analysis
          Yalan Mao, Lynn W. Huff and Zachary A. Granger
5904-06 Optical Bench Assembly for the Near Infrared Camera
          Alison Nordt, Derek Edinger
5904-07 NIRCam optical calibration sources
          Stephen F. Somerstein, Glen D. Truong
5904-08 Some performance results from NIRCam s coronagraphic prototype masks
          Gopal Vasudevan, M. Reale, S. F. Somerstein
5904-09 Lens Design for the Near Infrared Camera for the James Webb Space Telescope
          Leigh A. Ryder, Thomas Jamieson
5904-10 Cryogenic mirror mounts for use on JWST's NIRCam instrument
          Derek Edinger, Paul Mammini, Anantha Rao
5904-11 NIRCam Filter Wheels
          Sean McCully, Michael Schermerhorn, John Thatcher
5904-12 NIRCam Pupil Imaging Lens Mechanism and Optical Design
           Charles S. Clark and Thomas Jamieson
5904-13 NIRCam thermal subsystem
          Liz Osborne, RaShelle Simonson, Rachel Richards
5904-14 NIRCam Integration and Test
          David Mason, Paul Schweiger, Gopal Vasudevan
5904-24 Lithium fluoride material properties as applied on the NIRCam instrument
          E. Todd Kvamme, James C. Earthman, Douglas B. Leviton, Bradley J. Frey
5904-25 High accuracy, absolute, cryogenic refractive index measurements of infrared lens materials for JWST NIRCam using CHARMS
          Douglas B. Leviton, Bradley J. Frey, Todd Kvamme
5904-32 The SIDECAR ASIC Focal Plane Electronics on a Single Chip
          Markus Loose, James Beletic, John Blackwell, James Garnett, Selmer Wong, Don Hall, Shane Jacobson, Marcia Rieke and Greg Winters
5868-35 Selection of I-220H Beryllium for the NIRCam Optical Bench
          Derek J. Edinger and Alison A. Nordt
5877-29 Compact, lightweight, and athermalized mirror and mount for use on JWST's NIRCam instrument
          Derek Edinger, Paul Mammini, Liz Osborne
5877-33 Mounting of large lithium fluoride space-based optics
          Todd Kvamme, Dario Trevias, RaShelle Simonson, Larry Sokolsky