NIRCam for the James Webb Space Telescope

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NIRCam is the 0.6 to 5 micron imager for NASA's successor to Hubble and Spitzer, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). NIRCam has been assembled and tested at Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Center, shipped to Goddard Space Flight Center, and is now installed into the Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM). The NIRCam Team is awaiting the start of tests with the ISIM mated to the telescope.

Check out NIRCam site at Space Telescope Science Institute

The NIRCam Pocket Guide provides useful information.

Need NIRCam PSFs?  Use Webbpsf available from STScI.

NIRCam filter transmission functions: Wide filters  Medium filters

Assembled NIRCam in tis rotation dolly.frawing of NIRCam.

The real NIRCam compared to a CAD drawing showing the main components of NIRCam.Parts named on drawing.

Lowering into ISIM

NIRCam being lowered into the ISIM.

The Space Telescope Science Institute will operate JWST and handle astronomer's observing proposals.

JWST multimedia resources.   JWST Deployment video in mp4 format (56 Mb)

JWST/NIRCam powerpoint for astronomers, for general public.

SPIE paper describing the characteristics of the NIRCam long wavelength grisms (Greene et al. 2016)

PASP Paper on Observations of Transiting Exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) (published Dec 2014)

SPIE Paper on NIRCam Science (presented Aug, 2012)

Talk presented at June, 2008, AAS meeting ( ppt, pdf ).

SPIE Paper on NIRCam Long Wavelength Grisms (presented Aug, 2007)

SPIE Paper on NIRCam Coronagraphy (presented Aug, 2007)

SPIE Papers on NIRCam (presented August, 2005).

NIRCam Coronagraphy paper (presented August 2005).

Posters about NIRCam: (downloadable as powerpoint or pdf files)

From January 2006 American Astronomical Society Meeting ppt pdf

General JWST poster from June, 2006 ppt

From July 2006 Disks06 Conference ppt

From July 2006 KBO Conference ppt

Approximately life size drawing of NIRCam ppt pdf

JWST will detect the first light emitting galaxies and star clusters to form in the Universe after the Big Bang. The NIRCam design is optimized for finding these "First Light" sources. The camera also includes features that will make it a wonderful tool for studying star formation in the Milky Way Galaxy and for discovering and characterizing planets around other stars

NIRCam Team Science

Our team's scientific interests are centered in in JWST's Science Themes: