This section of Astronomy 170B1 is taught by Professor Marcia Rieke and Professor George Rieke:


Prof. M. Rieke: 621-2731, Steward Rm. 262


Prof. G. Rieke: 621-2832

Steward Rm. 272


Lectures in Steward Observatory N210

MW at 10am and also at 11am


Discussion Sections:

(see syllabus)


Some Fridays at 10am:

Steward N210, ILC 119, ILC137


Some Fridays at 11am:

Steward N210, ILC 125, Steward 208

Check your room here!


Send an e-mail to the professors:



Teaching Assistants:

Ya-Lin Wu: 621-6535, Steward Rm 201C, Office Hrs Tu 10am-noon

Justin Spilker: 621-2494, Steward Rm 302, Office Hrs Wed 1-3pm,












New  homework assignment, due November 1.

homework assignment, due October 25.

Extra Honors section for Oct 25 homework.

homework assignment, due October 18.

Extra credit opportunity (see below).


Need help?  Visit the TAs during their office hours or make an appointment with one of the Profs or TAs. Another option is Think Tank Tutoring (free), Sundays 6-9pm at the Think Tank location on the ground floor of Manzanita - Mohave dormitory. You can also email any of us with questions.

Solutions to previous homeworks and exam questions.

Extra credit: Viewing with the telescope at the west side of the courtyard is now open! This is an option for extra credit. The work needs to be turned in by December 6. Instructions are posted here.

Here's where you can download the entire class website:    This file is very large (700 mB) so you will need a fast network connection. You will also need to have an "unzip" program to extract the files that comprise the web site. Once you have downloaded and extracted the files, point your browser to the file "index.html" that will be in subdirectory where you extracted the files.

Old Homework:

Sub lab will be due Monday, Oct. 7. You need to do the work in this handout .

This course is one of the options to satisfy the General Education requirements in science at the University of Arizona. It is taught around a web-based text that is also used as the core lecture notes.

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